All Things On The Road

Hi – I’m Rhandi – welcome to!  Our full-time RV living started as an idea, moved quickly into the “dream” stage, to what it is today – a reality!

Back in May 2015 – we purchased our beautiful Fifth Wheel – and by June 1st had our home up for sale.  We closed on the sale of our house July 7th – and we have been living in our RV full time since June!  Currently we are in Sanger, Texas.  We are working out our contracts with our company.  I will be taking my job on the road with me.  I’m a VP for an HVAC/Plumbing company.  I handle all the inside operations – I have a co-VP who handles the outside operations.  Because my job consists of accounting, money management, etc. it is easy for me to take this job on the road with me.  With trips back to Texas when needed or for emergencies.

Curtis, my husband, is going to be working doing what ever he wants!  Doesn’t that sound like fun!  Actually, after a 10 day vacation in Colorado – we will be headed to beautiful St George, Utah where he will be working for the newly created Steel Yard doing some selling for them.  My brother owns the business and is in need of a good outside sales person – and since we are mobile, we are headed to help out for about six months.

More on all of that later.  As I get into the blog-o-sphere, I will relate to you our entire story – how it all started, the things we’ve learned, and hopefully be able to pass along some good ideas, and you pass some along to me as well!  PLEASE!

My passion is not writing – but being on the air.  Thus the internet radio station – Be Camping Online Radio.  Our friends/partners and my husband and myself have worked for months to get our radio station and our web site, and our blog all up and running.  Doing this while working full time – selling our home, buying our RV, having family visit…you get the idea.  It’s been crazy.  And of course, with the internet there are always “bugs” to deal with.  So we are still working out the bugs on our radio station – but will have it up and running shortly.  It will be a fun place for music, advice, shows, fishing, campfire chats, we think the RV’ing community will have a lot of fun with it!

Until our next chat – keep checking for our internet radio station – next up – I will relate the whole story to you how we got to where we are today!  It’s been fun!